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Does Increasing Minimum Wage Increase Inflation?

The effect of minimum wage in prices is often argued by economists and it’s a controversial topic. Despite what anyone believes in, we can all agree that increasing the federal minimum wage is crucial to write a new chapter and reshape the currently tired economic model.

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Furnished house

Can I Borrow Extra On My Mortgage For Furniture?

In need of borrowing extra funds to furnish your home or finance other kind of purchase? Borrowing extra on your mortgage might seem like a solid idea at first, considering there are other options on the market, ultimately, the nature of your purchase will dictate if borrowing extra is a smart choice or not.

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401k Retirement Simplified

What is a 401(k) Plan: Easy Retirement

In alternative to pensions, a 401(k) brings several benefits, the most important ones being freedom of choice and safety.
Unlike pensions, you decide what you contribute to your retirement, besides, your 401(k) is portable and protected if your employer goes bankrupt.

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How to Plan Saving Money – Saving Done Right

Money-saving, planning, and investments can be a daunting task, in this beginner-friendly and 4 steps article, you’ll find everything you need to start rescuing your financial strength and some investment ideas that you may or may not want to apply along the way.

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